What is a REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) ?

REKOR BISNIS is an appreciation and the highest recognition given to a company or organization (foundation, institution, and community), both private and government, and also to a product, service, and brand for achievements in: Market Performance, Product Performance, Service Performance, Process Performance, Research & Development, Human Resources, Social Responsibility towards society and the environment, and other business achievements.

REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) is given based on the results of market research, secondary data, media publications and also the decision of the jury.

What prestige does ReBi have compared to other awards?

REKOR BISNIS is a form of recognition for above-average or record-breaking business activities/practices. ReBi is not an award, because awards are given for qualitative achievements. ReBi recognition is dedicated for quantitative business records, which can be counted and represented by numbers.

What are the benefits of REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) recognition for a company/organization?

A token of appreciation for a consistent and significant achievement is a positive added value for companies and organizations. Moreover, an appreciation can enhance the spirit of healthy competition, and encourage better achievements in the business world.

Who is REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) Initiator ?

Handi Irawan MBA, MCom.
He is the Tera Foundation founder, and also known as the initiator of the ICSA (Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award), IMAC, Top Brand Award, the National Customer Day, and also a variety of popular awards in Indonesia. He is also known as the Indonesian marketing expert and author of marketing strategy books.

Who is the organizer of the REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) event?

This event is organized by Tera Foundation together with Seputar Indonesia Daily.

How to obtain the REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) application form?

REKOR BISNIS application form can be retrieved at :

  • By online registration or by downloading the form on REKOR BISNIS website.
  • Contact the REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) Committee at 021 44 700 500

How to submit the REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) application form?

Fill out the registration form completely and submit the application form with supporting data and documents to:

MNC Tower Lt. 22, Jl Kebon Sirih No. 17-19, Jakarta 10340 - Indonesia.
Phone: 62 21 44 700 500 - Fax: 62 21 451 3944

What are REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) requirements?

  1. The product/business must have a superlative/superiority i.e. The Most....., such as; The Most…, The Biggest…, The Shortest…, The Fastest…, The Oldest…, or anything that is superior. The excellence/achievement can be the type of products, processes, business activities, etc.
  2. The product/business must have an innovation, such as; The First…, The Pioneer…, or any activity or the result of the discovery of products or services that are innovative and original, as well as providing results that grants benefits to consumers.
  3. The achievements, excellence, innovation and results submitted must have relevance to the business or business activities, both as a supporting feature of business success or achievement as the result of the efforts of a business process or activity.

How much is REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) registration fee?

REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) registration is free of charge. All REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) event organizing cost is paid by the sponsors. The winners can also participate in the REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) awarding event.

Who can register to get REKOR BISNIS (ReBi)?

Participants can be firms or organizations (foundations, institutions, and community), both private and government, and also can be products, services, and brands. Participants of REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) can be of national and international levels as long as the achievements contribute to business development in Indonesia.


What is REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) assessment/nomination system?

  1. Participants must fill out the registration form ReBi completely.
  2. Participants must submit the registration form with supporting documents, which may include: comprehensive data of relevant documentation, media publication, the results of market research or research data from a reliable agency.
  3. The data and documents received will be selected and processed by a validation team.
  4. The jury will decide the ReBi winner. This decision is final and can not be contested.
  5. inner announcement process.

*The data and the documents will not be returned.

How long is the selection process by judges?

Between 2-3 weeks after complete document/data is submitted.

Who are REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) judges?

When is REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) event and where is the venue?

REKOR BISNIS will be held on regular a basis, 2 times a year, and the first event will be held on Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta.

Who have been included in REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) nomination?

Companies from various industries have been included in the nomination stage. They are companies in banking industry, consumer goods, aviation, automotive and many more.

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