Mr. Handi Irawan D. MBA, MCom.
Founder TERA Foundation and Rebi Initiator

To cope with this fast-changing development in the bussiness world, innovation is needed as part of the bussiness strategy. Innovation could be happened through products, technology, or process. Innovations come as both inventions and adoptions with many types and vary greatly in scope.

Bussiness people are challenged to be more creative in finding new ideas and develop it so it can deliver more value to the market. Companies need to build innovations as part of its corporate culture in order to survive and succeed in this competitive market. Providing an appreciation is one of the important processes to motivate employees and foster innovation culture in the company.

Tera Foundation together with Seputar Indonesia Daily would like to honor the bussiness community by presenting the REKOR BISNIS (ReBI). ReBi that was launched on February 2010, is an appreciation and the highest recognition given to a company or organization both private and goverment, and also to a product, service, and brand that performs above industry average. ReBi is expected to bring high levels of exposure and acclaim for the companies, increase the spirit of healty competition, and encourage new and better achievements among the bussiness world.



Syafril Nasution
President Director - Harian Seputar Indonesia

First of all, we would like to thank you for your enthusiastic response to REKOR BISNIS recognition. ReBi, That is now entering the second round, is the embdiment of great care from Harian Seputar Indonesia and Tera Foundation for bussiness entities in Indonesia and the bussiness world in general.

ReBi is carefully designed to be one of the positive medium for bussiness entities to compete naturally and fairly in the hope that uniquely superior products and companies may emerge in the future so that eventually the consumers of each bussiness willy enjoy quality products that they dream of.

As a national print media that is actively paticipating in enhancing domestic products, Harian Seputar Indonesia countinously strives to present the best to the business world that can be utilized as a refrence to the interaction of businesses with their consumers.

Finally, on behalf of Harian Seputar Indonesia, we congratulate the winners and hope that this recognition can increase the motivation to get higher achievements in the future. We hope this great moment can continue and we will see you in the next ReBi event.



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