Criteria for REKOR BISNIS recognition.

REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) award recipients are selected based on the judges' decisions involving the components / criteria as follows:

  1. The product/business must have a superlative/superiority i.e. The Most....., such as: The Most…, The Biggest…, The Shortest…, The Fastest…, The Oldest…, or anything that is superior. The excellence/achievement can be the type of products, processes, business activities, etc.
  2. The product/business must have an innovation, such as: The First…, The Pioneer…, or any activity or the result of the discovery of products or services that are innovative and original, as well as providing results that grants benefits to consumers.
  3. Participants must submit data in the form of relevant documentation, market research result or research data from trustworthy institutions.
  4. Participants can be firms or organizations (foundations, institutions, and community), both private and government, and also can be products, services, and brands. Participants of REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) can be of national and international levels as long as the achievements contribute to business development in Indonesia.
  5. The achievements, excellence, innovation and results submitted must have relevance to the business or business activities, both as a supporting feature of business success or achievement is the result of the efforts of a business process or activity.

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