REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) is an appreciation and highest recognition given to a company or organization (foundations, institutions and communities) both private and government, and also to a product, service and brand on the achievements in the field; market performance, product performance, service performance, process performance, research & development, human resources, social responsibility towards society and the environment, as well as other business advantages that can be accounted for.

Added Handi, REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) is given through the results of market research, secondary data, media publications and also the decision of the jury, so that the objectivity and reliability of REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) can be accounted for. Hopefully, REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) is able to be a source of inspiration and spur companies to produce products, performance, and new innovations are better, which will help boost economic growth in Indonesia.

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